Avocado Mash & Poached Egg RecipeAvocado Mash & Poached Egg Recipe

Quick and easy Avocado Mash & Poached Egg recipe featuring mashed avocado on rye bread, poached egg, leafy greens, baby tomatoes, fetta and delicious flavours of lime, balsamic vinegar, dukkah and pepitas by Mind

How to Stop Emotional OverEating & Lose WeightHow to Stop Emotional OverEating & Lose Weight

How many times have you tried to lose weight and failed?  Dieting is not just about the food you eat, you also have to tackle the emotions that create stress in your life that

Why Sugar & Artificial Sugars Are Bad For You?Why Sugar & Artificial Sugars Are Bad For You?

The biggest problem with sugar is it is habit-forming and leads to constant cravings.  The more sugar you have, the more you crave it.  If you want to lose weight and balance your blood

Healthy Breakfast Recipe by Rose BurnettHealthy Breakfast Recipe by Rose Burnett

This protein rich Healthy Breakfast Recipe is high in antioxidants, potassium and good fats.  It also comes with vegetarian options. Quick and easy to make, the perfect post-workout breakfast to refuel your body and

High Antioxidant Juice Recipe | Immunity & VitalityHigh Antioxidant Juice Recipe | Immunity & Vitality

This Super Easy High Antioxidant Juice Recipe takes around 5 minutes to make and is packed with vitamins to boost your immunity and vitality. Ideal to amp up your breakfast for a great start

Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe by Rose BurnettChocolate Protein Shake Recipe by Rose Burnett

One of my favourite Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes high in antioxidants, protein rich and excellent for immunity. It can assist with muscle building, reduce inflammation and help build up your vitality and energy levels. 

About Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett is a Certified Transformational Coach, Leader and NLP Practitioner since 2012. With expertise in mindfulness, balancing emotions, communication, neuro linguistic programming and transformation. Rose has studied Psychic Development and is an Advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner, specialising in energy healing, including: Chakra balance

Rose Burnett, Mind Body Soul Balance Coach

Astrology, Inspiration & Fitness Blog by Rose Burnett

Welcome to my Astrology & Fitness Blog.  You will find my popular Monthly Tarot Forecasts for All Star Signs and the latest astrology news.

You will also find a number of free resources on my website to help you create physical, emotional and spiritual balance within Self.  This includes some great tips and videos on fitness, nutrition, weight loss, healthy recipes and how to overcome emotional eating.

Discover how to balance your chakras, clear stuck emotional states and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours to create healthy relationships with Self and others.  And how to personally transform your emotional and mental mindset to live a more balanced, joyful life!

We explore the realms of Spirituality, including how to connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides,  How to access your Past Life Information and discover your true life purpose. 

You can find key tips and advice on the Spiritual Awakening process, guided meditation practices, and the best crystals for healing and protecting your aura.  Plus the importance of gaia, mother earth for reconnecting to Self and creating more balance in life.

Check out some of our latest Astrology & Fitness Blog posts below:


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Articles on #Brainz Magazine by Rose Burnett

Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor, Rose Burnett Most recently, Rose has been invited and accepted as Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine #1 Choice in Inspirational Media. Read my published articles on Brainz Magazine here!
Brainz CREA Global Awards 2021 Rose has also been awarded the BRAINZ CREA Global Award 2021 a prestigious list of Top Entrepreneurs and Influential Leaders recognized for creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects. See Full List

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If you would like a Personal Reading book a 1 Hour Pre-Recorded Tarot Reading with Rose.  Personal Readings are ideal if you wish to seek guidance on career, finances, love, relationships, general energies and chakra balance.  Spots are limited.

All Personal Readings include an Akashic Record Check of your past life information, and meditation on your current energy, with downloadable MP4 video file to keep. 

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I also offer Distance Reiki Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching Services, and work with clients all around the world.  To find out more, click here.

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