Transformational Coach, Speaker, Psychic Medium & Digital Artist

Rose Burnett BDM & Marketing Consultant for Small Business

About Rose...

Rose Burnett is Certified Transformational Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Psychic Medium and Digital Artist.  With popular 37.8K Inspirational YouTube Channel and 18 years experience in digital marketing, SEO/SEM, growth marketing and lead generation, website development, eCommerce, eLearning, multi-media production, content marketing, social media marketing, community engagement and building customer bases online.

“I have a passion for helping others and sharing my knowledge to help entrepreneurs thrive in their own businesses. To feel more confident to take action towards your goals and dreams and to understand that you are limitless in what you can achieve.”

My Story

I started out on the Internet in 2004 and took an idea and grew a global fashion jewellery and wholesale bead business with 695 Retailers world-wide and 2995 Direct Customers over a period of 4 years. 

What I learned and mastered about Digital Marketing, SEO/SEM, websites and building customer bases, helped my business grow in sales every year. I was top of the search engines for all major keywords for four years straight, beating most of my competitors.  

My website design firm started noticing my incredible results, and in their own words said ‘I don’t what you’re doing but we want you do it for all of our clients’ and so my Marketing Consultancy Business was born.  I ended up running two businesses at the same time! 

I branched out into building and hosting websites, coaching small business owners in online marketing, and helping them create targeted marketing strategies to grow their businesses online.  

I have had many of my own online businesses over the years, including resort wear, giftware, mindset coaching, eLearning platforms and online courses.  I have run workshops in Sydney and Perth to Textile designers (2010) as part of AusIndustry Small Business Online Program.  I organised and held a global telesummit in Digital & Social Media Marketing (2013) for small business featuring interviews with Top Authors and Thought Leaders including Dave KerpenAliza ShermanTed RubinTed CoineJeff BullasRochelle MoultonRenee Blodgett and Viveka Von Rosen.

I have built a large 37.8K YouTube Channel on astrology, mindset coaching, health and wellness with inspirational video content (since 2017). I have coached and mentored clients all around the world helping them find the confidence to pursue their goals and passions.

I was Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine (2021 – 2022) and recipient of 2021 CREA Global Awards recognizing Top Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators for their contributions to innovation, sustainability and mental health. I regularly write articles and vlogs on astrology, relationship advice, daily inspiration and overcoming challenging life experiences.

I have also worked in government and private industry in project management, change management, training, business analysis, marketing consulting, ICO’s, eCommerce Manager in retail, and real estate.

In 2022, I ventured into the world of NFTs (non fungible tokens) with digital art. I have three NFT Collections on Opensea and the Belle La Femma Collection on Rarible.  I also monetized my best art into canvas and acrylic prints in my online Elisium Gallery which has recently been nominated for World ECommerce Awards for best online store in 2022/23.  I love being creative and innovative.  

Finding Your Unique Path...

I love helping and inspiring others.  Its something I’m always drawn to because it resonates with my heart and Soul. Whatever I do is done with authenticity and comes from a place of realism, that no matter who or where we are in life, challenges will always exist. None of us are immune and we all have experiences, wisdom and innate talents to share with the world.

Often we hold ourselves back from running with our ideas and doing what truly makes us happy because we need to overcome self-limiting beliefs or a lack of self-confidence.  When you recognise that we are all on a unique life path and your journey, decisions and passions are yours to own you are able to find the courage to pursue your dreams.

Sometimes we take so much stock of what other people think, we rarely stop and pause to listen to what our hearts and souls are broadcasting. Which is our own heart truths and what we truly want to do versus what is expected of us.

I have developed my online courses and video tutorials to not only overcome self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back but mostly to provide you with practical, hands-on-advice that you can use instantly to launch your ideas and manifest those money flows from your passions.

And it warms my heart to know that in some way I have helped you realise your goals and dreams ~ Rose Burnett

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Currently I am putting together several online courses to help you with your path as a visionary, an entrepreneur and ideas person to help you take practical, actionable steps to create a lifestyle from your passions. 

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