April 2021 Tarot Forecast – All Star Signs

April 2021 Tarot Forecast - All Star Signs by Rose Burnett

Entertainment News – Just Released – April 2021 Tarot Forecasts by Rose Burnett | Perth WA 

As we head into April 2021, the previous full moon at the end of March in Libra imparted powerful cleansing energy for release.

Helping to heal broken hearts and release karmic burdens around family and disappointing love relationships.  Opening the way in April 2021, for fresh starts in love, business and money flow.

Moon Energy in April 2021

The New Moon falls on the 11th April 2021 and trines Jupiter, giving rise to new opportunities for personal growth, starting new projects and finally completing unfinished ones.  It favours confidence, courage, and overcoming personal limitations to go after what you truly want.

This April 2021 New Moon energy can provide the impetus for starting new fitness routines or diets, helping you feel more attractive and empowered.  It is also the perfect energy for manifesting abundance and good luck.

The Full Moon on 26th April 2021 in Scorpio opposes Saturn, which can bring the unexpected, unpredictable, and inability of people to compromise.  The Universe can sweep things out of your life that you have been procrasting about, or have been unwilling to face, creating major transformation and upheaval.

April 2021 Tarot Forecasts for Your Star Sign

Find out what’s happening for you Star Sign for April 2021 below.  If you would like to get instant access to the Extended Forecast – click this link now.

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Aquarius April 2021 *Star Power to Shine – You’ve Got What it Takes*

Predictions – A time of self-discovery, public recognition and long term financial stability.  Many will get itchy feet to head in a new direction, relocate, or buy a new home.  Be mindful of overthinking things and feeling stuck emotionally.

Love – For those pining over an Ex, its time to free yourself and move on.  Partnerships look good with fiery passionate energy, and the need to take that one-on-one time together.  

General Energies – The door to love opens for Singles and True Love is possible in April 2021.  There is some much needed transformation going on in love and career, with money looking excellent.  Along with positive energy for relationship healing, and heart healing.

Aries April 2021 *Breakthrough – The Answer to Your Prayers*

Predictions – Major Awakening within Self, that frees you from the past and negative thinking.  A positive time of cycle completions and planning for the future.

Love – There is a big focus on self-love, releasing co-dependent relationships, and karmic influences affecting your love life.  Preparing you for a Past-Life Soulmate to enter you life. Some Ex’s will try to return within the next few weeks further complicating things.

General Energies – A positive shift towards abundance and happiness, with victory over past heartbreak and lack around your finances.  Be bold, take risks, and follow your heart to create success in career and love.

Cancer April 2021 *Amazing True Love & Money is Excellent – WOW*

Predictions – Perfect time to make your dreams come true! Major cycles complete and you will be rewarded for your hard work with public recognition, awards, material wealth and success.  Some will buy a new car or travel.  Just watch you don’t overthink things.

Love – Finding a New Love that is a profoundly deep and can lead to marriage.  Cancer, you just need to release the past with forgiveness and let new love in.

General Energies – A Big focus on career, new opportunities, health, and money.  All the doors open for you Cancer, just be mindful not to stay stuck recycling through past disappointments.  Miracles can happen if you are open to it!

Capricorn April 2021 *Shockingly Good – Double Miracle, Abundance & Twin Flame Love*

Predictions – Capricorn hits the jackpot with one of the most amazing forecasts for April 2021.  It’s time for going in a new direction, relocating, buying a new home and fresh starts.  New love rushes in and you finally find the confidence to do what you love.

Love – This New Love promises to be an absolute keeper, with true Love forecast and Engagement on the cards.  In the past, where you may have put the walls up – Capricorn this love will open up your heart in a way you thought not possible.

General Energies – Double confirmation of a Miracle and Abundance, not sure it gets any better Capricorn.  The universe and spirit is totally watching over you in this regard.  If you have been praying for a change, its coming!

Gemini April 2021 Brand New Chapter in Your Life – Dreams Come True!

Predictions – Major renewal helps you create financial security and stability. Setting strong foundations for yourself, and your family for the future.  Leaving worry and anxiety in the past, and opening up to powerful new energy where your dreams can and do come true!

Love – Singles just getting to know someone new, there is passion and chemistry. Even though there may be significant differences in age, culture or religion.  For couples, a powerful time to transform your relationship and overcome past challenges through forgiveness, compromise and balance.  That spark re-ignites!

General Energies – A Big focus on finding your Soul Tribe and where you belong.  Releasing toxic relationships and friendships, to find acceptance and peace within friendships, family and spiritual groups.  Plus, taking risks to create new flows of abundance in your life.

Leo April 2021 *Heavenly Match – Your Divine Counterpart*

Predictions – Beautiful energy of contentment in relationships, and with family.  Some will receive good news about inheritance or retirement funding, and celebrations like births, engagements and graduations.  A time of self-discovery, and planning for the future to create strong financial foundations for yourself and your family.

Love – Proposals lead to engagement and weddings for loved up couples! Singles need to release the energy of Ex’s to free yourself for new love.  Those in committed partnerships, there is a need to work on your partnership and spice things up!

General Energies – A time of cycle completions and moving forward towards your most prized goals and dreams.  A need to stand up for yourself, put healthy boundaries in place to take of your own needs and not do too much for others.  There is a big focus on self-love and appreciating your own divinity.  Take that time Leo!

Libra April 2021 *Passionate New Love & Shock Good Fortune*

Predictions – Major transformation leading to a new direction in life.  Perfect time to create long term plans, study something new, and create strong foundations for the future.  Very happy family relationships and celebrations.

Love – For Singles, there is new love and a very passionate connection.  For others, you may need to release yourself from toxic co-dependent relationships to find happiness.

General Energies – Big focus on heart healing and overcoming past disapointments in love.  A time of positive change, heralding in surprise shifts in good fortune and abundance.

Pisces April 2021 *Return of Karmic Soulmate & Wish Granted – Money*

Predictions – Pisces not a time to give up on what you have created, for you are too close to success.  Watch out for the intentions of others, as they may not have your best interests at heart.  Overcoming sadness and loss, this is a positive time of renewal, self-discovery and transformation.

Love – Overcoming the past to attract a Past-Life Karmic Soulmate.  Past loves may also try to come back at this time, but spirit is saying there is something better.

General Energies – Major Transformation, new beginnings, and a big focus on loving yourself and your individuality.  A Miracle of Abundance is headed your way, for the all the hard work and persistence!

Sagittarius April 2021 Fresh Start BUT EX Returns – Have they Changed? 

Predictions – Big Life Changes help you leave the past behind and open up to New Love.  A time to step into the spotlight and show off your talents.  Avoid getting stuck in negative emotional states and over working.  Major Rebirth and renewed hope is possible, with a focus on strong connections to family and your Soul tribe.

Love – It’s complicated, return of the Ex who may be recovering from co-dependent behaviours.  The big question is have they changed? Relationship healing is possible, but New Love also beckons.

General Energies – Time to reflect, clear old stagnant energies, release emotional baggage and open up to new ways of being.  You can no longer stay as you are Sagittarius.  Golden opportunities present themselves in career, and your health and wellbeing needs attention.

Scorpio April 2021 *Truth Hits You – Time to Get What You Deserve*

Predictions – New love offer rushes in bringing happiness and joy.  Some Scorpios are working too hard and worrying about money, creating sleepless nights and stress.  Prioritize your energy on important projects only, focus on self-care and balance, and do not lose faith.  Things will turn around, particularly finances.

Love – New Love is a Soulmate, with the possibility of engagement in the near future.  For Singles, divine timing is at play with improving health and someone better just around the corner.

General Energies – An Unexpected gift is coming that will make your day!  Confirmation that True Love is here to stay and success predicted on every level.  Finally getting what you deserve Scorpio!

Taurus April 2021 Reunion with Ex Successful This Time & Blessed Windfall

Predictions – Reconcilation with a True love, where you overcome the difficulties of the past.  A major windfall of abundance is predicted that helps you buy a new home, car, or amazing career offer improves your finances!  Everything points to a big shift in wealth and prosperity.

Love – Singles are calling in a Soulmate, and for others the chance for reconciliation with an Ex is possible.  You will have success this time!  A time to put the effort into your relationships for a positive outcome. For loved up couples, a holiday is on the cards. 

General Energies – Freedom to create the life of your dreams! Taurus you walk away from anything no longer serving you to seek your destiny!

Virgo April 2021 *Golden Ticket to Your Fortune & True Love*

Predictions – An Amazing time to create and attract financial abundance with windfalls possible, inheritance, and good fortune predicted.  Watch out for power struggles in the workplace with others.  Major purchases of a new home or car are possible.

Love – A time for self-discovery, forgiveness and figuring out what you truly want.  Peaceful resolution of conflict in relationships is possible, particularly with partners who may be quite different to you.

General Energies – Loving your independence and planning for the future are a key focus.  Healing is possible with physical health, relationships, and how you feel about yourself.  You have the power to transform your life and relationships at this time Virgo.  And a Twin-Flame partnership can be formed at this time.

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Rose Burnett is a Certified Transformational Coach, Leader and NLP Practitioner. An Advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner and specialises in Mind Body Soul Balance. With a keen interest in fitness, diet & nutrition, spirituality, chakra healing and balance, revitalisation of Chi Energy, Soul Light and Inner Child Healing from Emotional and Karmic Trauma. Founder, Warrior Spirit Activewear for Women.

Disclaimer - These Tarot Readings are for entertainment purposes only, always trust your own intuition and guidance when deciphering messages from the Oracle and Tarot. These are general readings for everyone and in no way should be used in place of your personal judgement.

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