The Total Body Sculpting Workout Program tones and sculpts your Butt, Thighs, Abs and Arms in 10 Easy Moves.  It's a gym program that when used in combination with the Drop4 Diet and Cardio Guide on the in-between days...will help you lose up to 4 Dress Sizes!

There's no running, no jumping and no hard cardio!!!


The following resources are included in the Total Body Sculpting Workout program:

  • Gym Workout Video
  • 41 Page Workout Guide - Including a Short Version to the Gym with you
  • Cardio Guide - For the Days in-between


  • q-iconI don't like going to the Gym?

    I hadn’t been to the Gym for years and I’m 52.  But the results from doing the Total Body Sculpting Workout just 3 times a week were so amazing, I loved it!  And the best part is there is no running, no jumping and no hard cardio involved.  Just 10 Core Exercises that tone your Butt, Thighs, Abs and Arms.  All those problem areas solved!

  • q-iconI'm not sure I have the Time to Fit the Exercise in?

    I hear that a lot.  Which is why the Mind Body Soul Balance Program is so important to your success.  It totally transforms how much value you place on looking after your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  So you can prioritize your time in way that supports your needs from a position of personal power and self-love.


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Keep in mind that $97 is less than the price of one session with a personal trainer.


My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

And yes, I am so confident that Drop4 Diet System will produce amazing results for you that I’m willing to take 100% of the risk if you give it a shot today.

If you dedicate yourself to following Drop4 Diet as I’ve written it along with the Total Body Sculpting Workout + Cardio AND Mind Body Soul Balance Program and fail to lose any weight in the first 30 days of following the 3 programs, I promise to personally issue you a prompt and courteous refund — no questions asked.

About Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett is Certified Transformational Coach & NLP Practitioner, and Advanced Reiki Practitioner. A Digital Marketer, Business Owner and Presenter in Online Technologies & Mind Body Soul Balance.

Yogi, Gym Junkie, Natural Therapy Advocate with a Global Message to raise the collective awareness of higher conscious on this Planet to help women live a joyful, happy life and Be in the Best Shape of their Lives ~ Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.  Rose lives in sunny Perth, WA with her 2 Grown up Sons.