Breakfast Salad Recipe by Rose Burnett

Healthy Breakfast Salad Recipe by Rose Burnett

Looking for a healthy breakfast option that is quick and easy to make and highly nutritious?

This Breakfast Salad Recipe is one of my go-to breakfast options that is low fat, low carb, high protein and high in antioxidants.  Plus it combines two of my favourite breakfast foods – eggs and bacon! 

Great to fuel up after a morning gym workout, or to get you going before you start your day!


Mixed Leaf Greens
Fresh Coriander
¼ Avocado
4 Cherry Tomatoes
1 x Baby Cucumber (or Lebanese Cucumber)
4 – 5 Slices Red Capsicum
2 x Free Range (or Organic) Eggs

2 Slices Short Cut Bacon
1/3 Onion – sliced
4 – 5 Sundried Tomatoes

Macadamia Oil for Cooking
Basil & Garlic GF Dressing (or similar dressing)
Rock Salt and Black Peppercorns

Watch Video – 10:46 Minutes


Poach two free range eggs in water in a saucepan.  At the same time have 2 slices of lean shortcut bacon cooking in a stick free frypan with a drizzle of Macadamia Oil.  Add the sliced onion and sundried tomatoes.

While that’s cooking, put together your breakfast salad. 

On a plate arrange a handful of mixed salad greens and rocket, sprinkle fresh coriander leaves through it.  Slice tomatoes, cucumber, red capsicum and Avocado and add to salad. 

When cooked, slice bacon roughly and toss through the salad leaves.  Top with cooked onion and sundried tomatoes, drizzle basil and garlic dressing over.  Top with two poached eggs. 

Garnish with ground sea salt and black pepper. 

Enjoy with high antioxidant juice, herbal tea or coffee made with soy milk. 

Healthy Breakfast Salad Recipe by Rose Burnett

Vegetarian Option – Swap bacon slices for Tempeh, cooked in the pan with All Purpose Seasoning.  Tempeh is made from whole soybeans and is less processed than tofu.

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