Coaching and mentoring with Transformational Coach, Rose Burnett

Coaching & Mentoring with Rose

Connect with Rose for one-on-one coaching and mentoring.  This 1.5 hour Coaching Session is conducted via Zoom at a suitable time for both our time zones.  Zoom is a free platform for video calls, you can signup here. You may wish a one-off coaching session or regular sessions with Rose to help you transform and improve your life and success.

Your coaching and mentoring session can cover any of the following areas:

  • Creating a Lifestyle Business – exploratory session to help you get started, brainstorming ideas, print on demand businesses, monetizing your art or craft, YouTube Channel Mentoring, Building a Community, Website basics.

  • Entrepreneur Mentoring – to help you push through mental barriers, stay motivated, achieve your goals, digital marketing advice and strategy, customer growth online, social media marketing.

  • Healing from Trauma – Specifically trauma bonds related to Narcissistic Abuse and Dysfunctional relationships in childhood and adulthood.  Includes support, advice and education on releasing past trauma, self-care and mindfulness practices to help improve mental and emotional wellbeing, reduce stress and hypersensitivity, set healthy boundaries with others and create healthy balanced relationships in your life.

  • Life Purpose Clarity – mentoring and coaching to help you get clarity on your divine gifts and talents and life purpose.  Removing any barriers to success, including negative thought patterns and limited thinking.

  • Lightworkers – mentoring and support to follow your passions and work as a Lightworker.  This includes coaching on how to create a lifestyle business out of your talents and gifts and to join our Lightworker Community to create global change.

Booking & Pricing

To Book a Coaching & Mentoring Session with Rose click on the ‘Book Now’ button below.  The cost of 1.5 Coaching Session is $195.00 AU.  Please enter your  address details and contact details so that we can coordinate a suitable time with each other for your coaching session. Coaching is available Monday to Friday, including early evening appointments.  

Payments are processed securely via Stripe and we accept all major credit cards. As soon as your payment is processed I will be in touch via email to arrange your coaching session.

Disclaimer – If you are suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts or high levels of anxiety, you need to reach out to a qualified medical practitioner or mental health professional. Coaching and mentoring is not for this purpose.

Refund Policy – we do not offer a refund for coaching sessions.  If you need to reschedule a booking time, please get in touch via email at  We require 4 hours notice to cancel an appointment, 24 hours notice is ideal.

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About Rose Burnett | Coaching Expertise 
Rose Burnett BDM & Marketing Consultant for Small Business
Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett is Certified Transformational Coach since 2012 with expertise in NLP,  Mindset Coaching, Advanced Communication, Relationship & Life Purpose Guidance, motivating and inspiring others. 

Rose is Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium highly experienced in chakra balance, energy healing, natural therapies, mindfulness and mind body soul balance.  Rose has popular 40K YouTube Channel with 3 Million Views and Spotify Podcast in astrology, inspirational media, mindset coaching, entrepreneurship, health and wellness. 

Rose Burnett has 19 years’ experience in online marketing, web development, search engine optimization, eCommerce, eLearning, building customer bases online nationally and globally, content marketing, social media marketing and multi-media development.

Rose has owned and managed several of her own businesses in Giftware, Wholesale Jewelry, Fashion, Print on Demand, Dropshipping, Digital Art & NFT’s, Website Design & Hosting, and Marketing Consultancy. Rose has also worked in corporate and private industry in Change Management, Project Management, Training and Development, eCommerce, and marketing consulting.

Rose Burnett was Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine (2021 – 2022) and CREA Global Awards Recipient 2021 recognizing Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders in innovation, sustainability and their contributions to mental health.