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Dysfunctional Family Relationships

dysfunctional family relationships

Generational karmic imprints and trauma are passed down from both sets of parents to the next generation, and the one after that.

We then attract to us the same type of dysfunctional relationships based on what we know and what feels familiar to us.

We can pass these ways of relating to our children, mostly sub-consciously because its our normal.

And we can carry trauma from childhood and dysfunctional family relationships with us for a long time, especially if its painful to deal with.

It will keep resurfacing as emotional triggers, poor coping mechanisms, unhealthy behaviors, and relationships in your life.

Karmic Imprints Masterclass

In this masterclass with Transformational Coach, Rose Burnett we explore:

  • Common Roles in Dysfunctional Families with parents and siblings.
  • How narcissistic behavior, neglect and abuse affect the relationships between siblings.
  • Covert Narcissistic Traits by Mothers who play the ‘Martyr’ in family.
  • Compulsive need to right by Narcissists and why?
  • How to prevent dysfunctional ways of relating and narcissistic traits being passed down to the next generation, your children.

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WATCH TIME — 30:56 Minutes

Covert Narcissism in Women

Female narcissists can be emotionally needy and dependent. They often seek a lot of attention, validation, reassurance and praise from friends, family, and lovers to soothe and validate their underlying insecurities.

If ignored or they fail to get their need for attention met they can be moody, prone to emotional outbursts, and jealous.

Female covert narcissists who are mothers can play the victim and engage in martyrdom using guilt, neglect and control to manipulate others and situations.

They are self absorbed and talk a lot about themselves. Relationships with them are usually one-side and lack emotional depth.

Female covert narcissists lack empathy and can be an overbearing parent who think their way of doing things is superior to others.

They regularly cross other people’s boundaries and use control, criticism and manipulation to get others to do things their way.

They can be easily offended and are hypersensitive to criticism. If criticized, they become overly emotional or shut down when upset.

Female Narcissists who play the Martyr

Female narcissists who play the ‘Martyr’ in the family will make out they do more than anyone else in the family, using guilt and shame to manipulate.

They can also:

  • Make out that their pain is worse than anyone else’s and be overly dramatic to seek attention.
  • Can expect you to be a mind reader (whether you are their child or partner) and anticipate their mood and needs. Regularly using guilt and shame when you fail to do either.
Impact of Narcissistic Abuse & Neglect as Adult Child

Children grow up learning to read the narcissistic parent’s moods and be hypersensitive to their needs. They learn to put the needs of others before their own, have weak boundaries, and are often a people pleaser.

They get used to being mistreated and spend a lot of time trying to earn love from the parent.

As adults they can confuse ‘abuse’ with love because of trauma bonding formed in childhood. Especially if the abuse and neglect has been justified by the parent as ‘tough love’.

It can make it difficult as an adult to distinguish between what is healthy and unhealthy in a relationship.

Children who have suffered narcissistic abuse or neglect become an easy target for attracting narcissists in relationships. They will try harder to make relationships work, even when they are dysfunctional.

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