Empaths versus Super Empaths

Empaths versus Super Empaths by Rose Burnett

In this Live Masterclass with Transformational Coach & Psychic Medium, Rose Burnett we explore the differences between Empaths and Super Empaths. And what it means to be a ‘Psychic Empath’.


Empaths are highly intuitive and can read a room and the people in it with incredible accuracy. They are highly sensitive and feel their own emotions strongly, and the emotions of others.

Empaths have a tendency to give too much, borne from a deep desire to help others. They look for the best in people and can take on the role of a rescuer.

They have a strong presence and are confident, high vibrational and self-aware. Empaths are spiritual but not necessarily religious.

They are highly creative, entrepreneurial and can struggle to conform in normal jobs. Empaths perform at their best when working on their own creative vision, which is often to help humanity in some way.

Empaths are much stronger than people think and rarely lose their faith, despite the challenges they face.

They regularly work from their higher states of consciousness and make visionary leaders, idealists and great problem solvers.

Empaths can struggle to understand why people can’t just get along, especially in the workplace.

Empaths make up just 2% of the population which can make them feel different to others, including their own family and isolated at times.

The downside to being an Empath is that they are prone to emotional fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Empaths can take things to heart, especially the judgement or criticism of others due to their hypersensitivity.

Empaths have difficulty saying ‘no’ so they can take on the problems of others. People can be particularly drawn to the calming energy of an Empath and seek them out to confide their problems or seek advice.

Empaths regularly need alone time to recharge their batteries and clear their energy.

It’s also important for Empaths to avoid impactful media that is emotionally charged like violence or traumatic events because they can feel the energy of those events intensely.

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Super Empaths

Super Empaths have a strong connection to the spirit world and desire to make an impact in the world. They operate from a place of truth and have no trouble expressing it.

Super Empaths have a strong sense of self and are loving, strong, self-reliant and emotionally, psychologically and spiritually independent.

They don’t seek validation or approval from others to live their life the way they want. They are wise, grounded, truthful and hard to intimidate.

Super Empaths have completed their own healing work to heal past trauma. They have been through many life lessons and challenges, and have evolved through them.

Why Super Empaths can Instantly Trigger People…

It is very difficult to fool a Super Empath as they see straight through any false pretenses. They often mirror back to the wearer what they are trying to hide.

They can easily spot the trauma and wounding in others. Which can instantly trigger someone like the Narcissist, who likes to wear a false mask to hide their insecurities and vulnerability.

Super Empaths can miss red flags because they want to see the best in people versus how they are actually showing up.

They are conscious of not judging others and accept the differences in others, understanding that everyone is on a different life path.

They are compassionate and caring and delve deeper to understand the underlying reasons of why a person may be acting out or triggered.

These attributes can make a Super Empath the target of projection, abuse and destructive behaviors in families, friendships, love, and the workplace.

Because Super Empaths expose the toxic behaviors and insecurities others are trying to hide or don’t want to face about themselves.

Super Empaths do not look for conflict, nor will they shy away from it.

They will not allow others to project their bad behavior onto them or attempts at manipulation or control.

Super Empaths strive to keep the peace and avoid drama. They prefer to live a peaceful, calm life surrounded by healthy, balanced relationships.

Super Empaths are also introspective and can easily look within to reflect on their own feelings, emotions and unpack experiences to find a sense of clarity and understanding.

They are truthful and authentic about the life lessons they need to own and take responsibility for.

Super Empaths know their worth and not driven by ego or fear. They have a clear life purpose and will walk away from people who do not see their worth or are threatened by their strengths.

Psychic Empath

The Psychic Empath can sense energy and aura’s. They can see changes in light quotients, orbs, and flashes of light.

They can experience ringing in the ears (clairaudience) and can be clairvoyant, seer or psychic. With the ability to feel, know and receive information and messages from the spirit realm.

They can experience a sense of deja vu or synchronicity with life experiences. Like they have been through them before.

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Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett is Certified Transformational Coach since 2012 providing expertise in NLP, Mindset Coaching, Mind Body Soul Balance, Relationship Advice, Life Purpose Guidance, and Entrepreneurship.

Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium experienced in Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Balance, Akashic Records, Spirituality and Tarot. With 42K Inspirational YouTube Channel on Astrology & Mindfulness. Host of Ascended Masters Global Lightworker Community Group.

Rose Burnett was Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine (2021 – 2022) and CREA Global Awards Recipient 2021 recognizing Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders in innovation, sustainability and mental health. Rose has 19 years experience in Online Marketing, Website Development Social Media Marketing, eCommerce and Community Engagement.