How to Get Motivated When You’re Not Feeling Motivated by Rose Burnett

Fitness Motivation - How to Get Motivated by Rose Burnett

One of the most common fitness questions is ‘How to Get Motivated when you’re not feeling motivated?’ 

The key tips shared in this inspirational video by Mind Body Soul Balance Coach, Rose Burnett and Founder of Warrior Spirit Activewear, can translate across all areas of your life.

Whether you are in a fitness slump or struggling emotionally to look after your health and wellness, this video is for you.  

We explore how we get ourselves into an emotional hole in the first place, whether it be negative self-talk or challenging life experiences.

In this inspirational video, Rose Burnett explores practical tips that will put you back into your personal power and help you overcome any self-sabotaging behaviours holding you back in life. 

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Watch Time: 8.55 Minutes

How to Get Motivated?

Put plainly, no one can motivate you, except you!  In this video, Rose explores how our Warrior Spirit can help us fight and rise above life’s challenges.

We look at the impact of negative emotions and self-talk, that creates a lack of motivation. Plus key tips on how to:

  • Deal effectively with Emotions
  • Use Journalling to release emotions
  • Get creative to quiet the mind
  • Getting out in nature can help ground and balance your energy; 
  • Do Guided Meditations to relax and release deep seated emotions holding you stuck.
  • Practice Mindfulness to bring conscious awareness to negative self-talk, allowing you to live more in the present moment.
  • Use the Power of Affirmations to lift your spirits.
  • Stop making a negative life experience your life story
  • Step back into your Personal Power with confidence

The guided meditations mentioned in this video, are available on my YouTube Channel here

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