How to Get Motivated when You’re not Motivated by Rose Burnett

How to Get Motivated when You're Not Motivated by Rose Burnett

Ever lacked the motivation to exercise or lose weight? Can’t seem to get yourself into a routine? Check out this Inspirational video by Rose Burnett, Founder of Mind Body Soul Balance Program.

Rose shares key tips on how to get yourself into peak physical shape if you’ve ever struggled to get motivated to exercise or lose weight long term.

Plus how to quit the excuses, push through tiredness and show up with a more positive mindset on an emotional and spiritual level…to raise your energy and vibration.

The importance of practice and discipline in finding your flow with exercise and focusing on doing those things that bring you the most joy.

Proving that exercise doesn’t have to be hard to be in peak physical shape, consistency is key and being mindful of what you consume.

How exercise alone will not get you the body you desire, all three parts have to come together…nutrition, exercise and mindset.


How to Get Motivated when You’re Not Motivated by Rose Burnett

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Rose Burnett personally lost 29kgs on the Drop4 Diet used in combination with the Total Body Sculpting Workout and Mind Body Soul Balance Program to go from a Size 14 weighing 96kgs down to a Tiny Size 8, weighing 67kgs.

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