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Individualism & Finding Your Motivation to Succeed

Individualism & Finding Motivation to Succeed by Rose Burnett

In this inspirational article, we look at how to embrace your individuality when faced with the judgement of others. Plus we explore the motivating factors for success with Transformational Coach, Rose Burnett.

When Judgement of Others Targets Who We Are…

Today’s inspirational video looks at how to respond to negative feedback from others on how we look, dress, or are as individuals.

Whether overtly as direct criticism or covertly through body language, judgement by others is one of the ugly sides of human nature.

Born from a collective consciousness of conformity, as well as based on an individual’s personal values. It has nothing to do with the person being criticised or judged.

Often people judge because they are feeling uncomfortable.

The act of judging attempts to control the freedom and individual rights of another person, even if done unconsciously.

On a basic level, it is projecting your values and beliefs onto another and not accepting who they are as an individual.

Embracing Your Individuality

We all have an intrinsic right to make our own choices, walk our own path, love who we are and express our individuality.

Watch the inspirational video below to discover how to respond to this type of negativity in an empowered way…


When you truly love and appreciate yourself you exude confidence, love your body, individual style and fearlessly go after your goals and dreams.

The opinions of others have little power of you and you know when to stand up and protect your rights to express yourself and your individuality.

Part 2: Motivating Factors for Success

In the second half of this video we explore the motivating factors that drive you to accomplish your goals and dreams.

How to know when your passions are aligned with what you truly want in life and when you doing things because you feel you ‘should’ not because you want to.

We explore the phenomenon of ‘People Pleasing’ and how it impacts your personal happiness when you put the needs of others in front of your own.

We look at how to stop being a People Pleaser and align with your passions to create more joy and happiness in your life.

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Rose Burnett was Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine (2021 – 2022) and CREA Global Awards Recipient 2021 recognizing Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders in innovation, sustainability and mental health. Rose has 19 years experience in Online Marketing, Website Development Social Media Marketing, eCommerce and Community Engagement.