July 2021 Tarot Forecast for All Star Signs by Rose Burnett

July 2021 Tarot Reading All Star Signs by Rose Burnett

July 2021 promises to be a month of surprises!  With unexpected and amazing career opportunities rushing in!  Cupids Arrow strikes for many of the Star Signs with karmic soulmate partnerships aligning and passionately firing up.  

Many Star Signs are releasing heavy burdens of the past to find a new direction in life, more freedom and love.  Find out what’s happening for your Star Sign in July 2021, with these video tarot readings by Rose Burnett. 

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Aquarius Creating Legacy of Abundance & Prosperity! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Fast Train To Success! Taking a leap of faith on your ideas and projects allows you to create a legacy of Abundance and Prosperity for yourself, and your family.  Many new opportunities come rushing in that align with your passions.  Plus new love offer rushes in, you may find yourself swept off your feet in romance!

Aries Absolute Material Success & Prosperity - Unstoppable! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Swept off Your Feet in Love PLUS Amazing Career Success! Your hard work pays off with awards and recognition coming your way this month.  Trust you deserve this success.  Omen of material prosperity for your efforts plus a passionate love offer rushes in.

Cancer *You Are A Star* Crazy Good! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Brilliant Success Rocks Your World! A fortunate time to create amazing abundance and prosperity in your life based on your own ideas.  Overcoming challenges in love to come together with your twin soulmate!  Big life changes in a new direction, including moving home, are all possible now.

Capricorn - Golden Touch of Prosperity! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Expect Big Happy Changes! Brand new beginings herald travel, financial security and the end of difficult times in your life.  There is a divine plan unfolding in your life right now that is going to bring major blessings into your life around home, finances and love! Universe is sending an unexpected but welcome gift to you!

Gemini *YOUR POT OF GOLD* July 2021 Tarot Reading

Stuff Dreams Are Made Of - WOW! Doing what you love brings awards, achievements and wish fulfilment. Have courage and don't give up on your dreams, your money flow is about to open and victory will be yours!  A time of amazing transformation, loving your differences and your life!

Leo - New Home, Inheritance, Happy Ever After! July 2021 Tarot Readings

Wishes Come True - Stars Align in Your Favour! Major Transformation and time of renewal leaving difficult challenges behind.  For some inheritance and new home is on the cards.  Beautiful sense of celebration and love, good fortune and wish fulfilment.

Libra - Finding True Happiness! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Fresh New Start Changes Everything! Fabulous financial success for self-employed and those in their own business.  Beautiful new love story unfolding with a karmic soulmate.  A divine miracle of karmic justice from the universe if forecast!

Pisces - Dream Job & Love Match Made in Heaven! July 2021 Tarot Reading

All Your Ships Come in Pisces - Winning! Unexpected opportunities and giving birth to your dreams bring in new found abundance!  Cupids arrow strikes with a match made in heaven.  And manifesting what you want with the help of the Universe.  Pisces a month of unexpected blessings!

Sagittarius Totally Unexpected Success - Money & Love! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Prayers Answered - Dreams Come True! Delays over with many fast events and opportunities rushing in towards you Sagittarius.  Golden ticket to career success arrives and the door to love opens with a passionate new Soulmate beginning!  Brand new adventures await!

Scorpio Major Breakthrough in Love & Career! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Time of Rebirth, Success & Mutual Love! This month heralds a time of victory over the past, finally leaving emotional burdens behind.  Taking a leap of faith in love and career with beautiful opportunities open to you! Scorpio you have the power to make your wishes come true!

Taurus *Miracle* Windfall Surpasses Your Wildest Dreams! July 2021 Tarot Reading

BEST READING EVER Taurus - Blessed with Good Fortune! Expect a Miracle Twist of Fate to intervene in your life this month.  The possibility of unexpected windfall of abundance, new home, car and your plans working out perfectly.  Give thanks to the divine for the major blessings coming your way!

Virgo - New Home & Amazing Career Opportunity! July 2021 Tarot Reading

Surprise Offer Changes Everything! Jumping on the fast train to career success with an amazing opportunity dropping in your lap.  Spirit is asking for you to trust that everything is going to work out well! It's all within your grasp Virgo - Freedom, Opportunity and Success!

Disclaimer - These Tarot Readings are for entertainment purposes only, always trust your own intuition and guidance when deciphering messages from the Oracle and Tarot. These are general readings for everyone and in no way should be used in place of your personal judgement.

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Attribution - Royalty free music - 'Wondershare Filmstock' and Ben Sound music @ https://www.bensound.com

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