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Ascended Masters Global Lightworker Community
Ascended Masters Global is a Lightworker Community Group to support those working as a Lightworker or hoping to become one. In the fields of natural therapies, energy healing, holistic medicine, tarot readers, psychic mediums, earth angels, sound therapy, meditation, yoga, mind body soul balance, naturopathy, nutrition, bodywork, healing work and higher consciousness.

This is a private Facebook group where you can meet other like minded souls such as yourself for support, sharing, collaboration and education.

You may share upcoming events, inspirational media, tips and advice, and update members on what you are working on individually to help your community and the world globally. 

This group is hosted and moderated by Rose Burnett, Transformational Coach & Psychic Medium.  Rose is also an Advanced Reiki Practitioner in energy healing arts. 


Key values of the group are equality, respect, personal freedom, spiritual growth and an honoring the innate wisdom within each individual member. A Divine Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Lightworkers who have a desire to help raise the positive vibration on this planet and create global change.

With a close connectivity to your own divinity, spiritual gifts and talents, and The Divine Collective Consciousness of the Spiritual Realms and Gaia, Mother Earth.

This is not a religious group, it is primarily for lightworkers. 


The Wolf Spirit Animal is symbolic of listening to your intuition, freedom, embracing aloneness and togetherness. Being loyal and trusting, having the courage and determination to walk your own path. When the wolf appears you are asked to look more closely at people and situations in your life and pay close attention to what your instincts are telling you.


The Eagle connects us to our higher states of consciousness, it represents freedom, victory, the energy to rise above and overcome challenges.  If an eagle appears it can represent rebirth or renewal preparing you for what lies ahead with strength, determination and fortitude. The eagle symbolized Great Spirit and the Sun at Noon for the ancient Egyptians.