The Mind Body Soul Balance Program started with my own journey of transformation. 

The powerful tools I discovered for self-mastery and healing have forever changed my world.

I went from sadness, heartbreak and imbalance to being in the Best Shape of My Life...physically, emotionally and spiritually!

As a Transformational Coach, I could usually pick myself up and soldier on.  In 2016, after a marriage breakdown followed closely by a serious car accident, I suddenly found myself struggling to cope and lift myself up.

My weight had ballooned out and I went on a soul searching journey to uncover how did I get here...in this place? 

What did I need to learn to stop repeating the same patterns in relationships and life?

The tools I discovered next are so powerful and transformative, that I wanted to share them with you. 

I wished that someone had put these tools into my hands twenty years ago. 

The choices I have made in my life would have been totally different and the outcomes.

We can’t turn back time but we can certainly change our present and our future.

The Mind Body Soul Balance Program works on 3 Core Levels to help you lose weight and overcome emotional eating, to tone up and get fit easily and naturally. 

And how to love and value yourself more, re-balance and centre yourself to come back to your pure light source energy.

The person you were always meant to be! 

Powerful Tools for Change


"Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a place we never thought we would be."


When our lives are out of balance or life has simply knocked the stuffing out of us because of events, seemingly out of our control.

And if you’re lucky enough, you can dust yourself off and keep going.

Yet, sometimes these experiences start stacking up and we can feel weighted down by them…emotionally, physically and spiritually.

And we struggle to cope.

You may feel vulnerable, sad, frustrated, lonely or confused.

Perhaps looking for a way to heal a broken heart or recover from an emotional trauma.

Trying to make sense of what has happened to you.

You put your health and wellness on the back burner, telling yourself you'll get round to it one day...

And then one day never comes and...you find yourself in a place you never intended to be.

Wondering how to turn it all around and get back to feeling joyful, happy and free.

In the Mind Body Soul Balance Program, you will discover powerful tools for change to help you:

  • Become consciously aware of the things holding you back in relationships and life.
  • Root causes of your imbalances on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • What energy type you are and how to know when you are out of balance and what to do about it.
  • How to liberate yourself from fear, worry, stress, sadness and despair to lead a more joyful life!
  • How to use mindfulness practices to balance and ground yourself.
  • How to Boost your Self-Esteem and Self-Love.
  • How to Set Healthy Emotional Boundaries with people that protect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
  • The Art of Forgiveness and Letting Go to move on from past hurts and experiences.
  • Learn your Attachment Style in Relationships and how it affects your choice of love partner.

And much more...


The Mind Body Soul Balance Program includes:

  • 147 Page Mind Body Soul Balance Self-Mastery Guide
  • Ongoing Library of Video Resources
  • Lifetime Access to All 3 Programs in the Gold Member Area


Mind Body Soul Balance Program by Rose Burnett

A Message from Rose Burnett...

Rose Burnett shares how to overcome emotional eating, and control and manage your Emotions in this short video about the Mind Body Soul Balance Program and Drop4 Diet.  A candid look into her own journey of transformation and how to live a more joyful, balanced life.


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My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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About Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett is Certified Transformational Coach & NLP Practitioner, and Advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner. An intuitive Tarot Reader, Yogi, Gym Junkie, and free spirit.

Rose is passionate about raising the collective conscious on this Planet with positivity and inspiration. And is a Health & Wellness Advocate helping women to Be in the Best Shape of their Life ~ emotionally, physically and spiritually with her Drop4 Diet, Total Body Sculpting Workout and Mind Body Soul Balance Program.