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Online Marketing Coaching & Training

Need some Online Marketing Coaching and training for yourself or your staff? We develop tailored training solutions and run niche workshops, individual coaching, and small group training in SEO, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Growth Strategy, Writing for Web, Video Editing and Youtube Marketing.

Our Online Marketing Coaching and training workshops are ideal if you want: 

  • Access to Regular or Casual Based Coaching to help you master and feel more confident in marketing your own business. Whether you want to learn how to expand your customer base, generate more leads or do your own website maintenance, SEO, content marketing or social media marketing. We can develop a tailored coaching solution for you.

  • Specialist training for yourself or your staff in a specific area of need. Whether you want to learn something new, master a specific area of expertise or upskill you staff, we do one-on-one training onsite, small group training, or can create a niche workshop tailored to your skill level.

  • Guest Speaker – if you need a guest speaker on entrepreneurship, mindset coaching, or marketing for your next networking event, contact us to learn more.  All guest speaking engagements are fee based.

  • Online Courses – Become a Marketing Ninja! Prefer self-directed learning at your own pace? Coming soon to our website will be a specialist library of online courses in all things digital, marketing, entrepreneurship, and mindset coaching.  

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About Rose Burnett | Coaching Expertise 
Rose Burnett BDM & Marketing Consultant for Small Business
Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett is BDM & Marketing Coach based in Perth, Western Australia. With 18 years’ experience in online marketing, web development, search engine optimization, eCommerce, eLearning, building customer bases online nationally and globally, content marketing, social media marketing and multi-media development.

“I have a passion for all things digital, being creative, and sharing my knowledge to help entrepreneurs thrive in their own businesses. I walk the talk and have direct experience in building my own global businesses online, coaching clients from all parts of the world, creating large online communities and customer bases.”

Rose Burnett was Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine (2021 – 2022) and CREA Global Awards Recipient 2021 recognizing Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders in innovation, sustainability and their contributions to mental health.

Rose is also a Certified Transformational Coach since 2012 providing expertise in mindset coaching, advanced communication and negotiation skills, public speaking, motivating and inspiring others.  In 2017 – 2021, Rose built a large 37.8K Youtube Channel with over 2.8 Million Views and 410,000 hours of viewing time in inspirational media, mindset coaching, astrology, health and wellness.

Rose has owned and managed several of her own businesses and worked in Change Management, Project Management, Training and Development, and marketing in private industry and government.  Click here to read more