Raising the Collective Consciousness of Our Planet By Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett, Founder Mind Body Soul Balance Program talks about positivity and how to contribute to raising the ‘Collective Consciousness ‘ of our planet with your vibrational energy.

Filmed on location at Bells Rapids, Swan Valley in Western Australia | Viewing Time – 4:18 minutes 

Rose Burnett shares: 

In coming from a place of higher vibration do we allow ourselves to follow our heart’s desires and listen to our intuition? The importance of balance and grounding yourself to come back to your heart space.  And how to balance your chakras and live in a higher state of consciousness, by connecting to nature and spirit.

Rose talks about the impact of absorbing negative world and local news on your vibrational energy.  And to surround yourself with the right people in your work and friendships and put healthy emotional boundaries in place to protect your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

The impact of taking time out for self to maintain your sense of positivity and to how to start a ripple with your positive energy with the people around you who touch your life.

And how you can personally influence that experience in a such a way to create a ripple that lifts the collective consciousness of our planet.

To learn more about Mind Body Soul Balanceclick this link.

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Rose Burnett

Rose Burnett is a Certified Transformational Coach & NLP Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Yogi, gym junkie, bikini babe and free spirit. Speaker, Entrepreneur and Soy Latte lover with a deep connection to nature and spirit. Founder of Mind Body Soul Balance Program, Drop4 Diet and Total Body Sculpting Workout for Women. Rose lives in sunny Perth, Western Australia with her two adult sons surrounded by her tribe of audacious fun-loving gal pals and two daft cockerspaniels. Hoping to lighten the load of this world through positivity and inspiration.

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