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Re-Earthing Yourself to Reduce Stress

Re-earthing Yourself article by Rose Burnett

Discover the power of re-earthing yourself to Mother Earth to release stress and find that sense of inner calm and wellbeing.

In this inspirational video, Transformational Coach Rose Burnett walks us through the benefits of re-earthing, sound therapy and guided meditations to release stuck emotional energy to heal the physical and emotional body.  

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Benefits of Re-Earthing On the Physical Body

In our modern world, its easy to let the stress build up until we find ourselves out of balance and feeling emotionally sensitive or overwhelmed.

Re-earthing is a simple practice of getting your bare feet on mother earth, ideally in the sand or grass which helps bring you back to a natural state of being.

Think of those joyful times in nature when you felt completely carefree and joyful. Re-earthing allows you to come back to that place of joy and inner peace.

Releasing Stuck Emotions

We can easily repress feelings about negative life experiences to simply get on with life!

Often when we are struggling wth an illness that feels stuck in our physical body, we are usually holding on to something emotional.

Doing Guided meditations and deep breath work can help cleanse and clear your chakras of emotional blockages. Which in turn improves the flow of energy throughout the physical body and can assist with healing.

During this practice, you can receive important messages about the repressed emotions you are holding on to and what they relate to.

When consciously allow ourselves to release repressed emotions out of the physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body, we feel so much better!

Allow yourself to have a private moment to cry the tears, feel the anger and release. Anger often comes from a place of deep hurt or feeling a lack of respect, or having your boundaries crossed.

Perhaps you felt powerless at the time to do anything about it, didn’t express how you felt or life just felt really unfair.

Its really worth taking the time to explore your feelings and why you are feeling like you are?

Then release those negative emotions and your attachment to them. Forgive people, forgive situations and release them.

It’s all about cleansing self.

Link between Negative Emotions and Physical Illness

If you are struggling with an illness that is lingering, ask yourself “What am I holding on to?”

Particularly if what ails you occurs in the same part of the body all the time.

Dive deep and really explore what you are holding on to emotionally, that you have not cleared but simply pushed down?

If you are not sure, try some guided meditations that help release emotions, clear and balance the chakras.

All you need to do is lie down, make sure you are warm and comfortable, and allow the messages and sound therapy of guided meditations to flow to you.

Guided meditations work deep on the sub-conscious and physical body, down to cellular level.

Do the suggested breathwork and follow up the next with a beautiful walk in nature, ideally barefoot and carefree!

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