Successful Entrepreneurs Embrace their Individuality

Successful Entrepreneurs Embrace their Individuality by Rose Burnett

In our next vlog series by Rose Burnett, we explore how “Successful Entrepreneurs Embrace their Individuality”.  Click to play video now >>


Successful Entrepreneurs have a unique path to follow and embrace their natural gifts and talents.  They don’t worry about their competitors, it’s never at the forefront of their mind.

Most are Creatives who embrace what they have to offer the world and trust in their individuality, they don’t try and copy other people.

How do You Find that Confidence?

People love people that do things differently.  You will always have an audience that is attracted to your authenticity, personality, openness and vulnerability.

We become confident by standing in our strengths and weaknesses.  A natural part of human nature is to worry about being accepted.

We have an inbuilt fear of rejection that someone is not going to like our ideas or what we are putting out into the world.

So how do we find that confidence?

By putting yourself in bit of bubble.  Surround yourself with people who build you up versus drag you down. There are always going to be those people who like to live a very routine life, guarranteed you are not one of those!

"Know that you are unique, an individual with an amazing amount of value to offer to the world. You've just got to believe it!"

So how do we believe it?

By getting out of our comfort zone and start working on our ideas. We start putting them out there!

When you start receiving positive feedback from people who love what you’re doing, you are almost all the way there!

The more you do it, the less you worry about people that are negative because there are always going to be those people.

Dealing with Negative People and Trolls

There is always going to be an element in society that is negative, including trolls on social media.  Learn to set firm boundaries, block and report them if you need to on your social media channels.

Not everyone is going to agree with your ideas and what you put out there.  You don’t need to convince everybody to buy your products and services.

You just need your soul tribe.  The people who are attracted to your energy, ideas, creativity, products and services.  Foster those kinds of connections, relationships and community.

And set values on how you professionally want to be treated.

Fake it until You Make It!

We can all portray confidence even when we are not feeling it.  “Fake it until you make it” is a great thing.  The more you do it, the more confident you will start to feel.

If I can leave you with just one thing...is "Just BE You!"

Love Yourself and embrace any God given talents that you have!  Because you all have them, you just have to trust in them.

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