Successful Entrepreneurs Value their Worth

successful entrepreneurs value their worth by Rose Burnett

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How to Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth

Valuing your worth comes down to self-belief, trusting in yourself and your ideas, and knowing you’re on the right path for you. And not allowing others to sway you from your path.

You have to foster self-worth on a daily basis.  

When you start getting feedback on what you’re putting out there as an Entrepreneur and start seeing successes and small wins, it’s going to incrementally boost you up.

Within self you also have to feel really grounded and be able to manage your emotions to work from a state of positivity.  

"Self-worth comes from loving Yourself. Recognizing that you have something of value to offer the world. And valuing your Individuality and Uniqueness"

It also comes from the inner strength and courage to be in business, to be an Entrepreneur and to work for yourself.

Believing in Yourself When No-one Else Does…My Story

Sometimes we never know if an idea is going to work.  Back in 2004, I created a Global Fashion Jewellery and Bead Wholesale business from a simple idea.

I was sitting on the back of a boat moored off Rottnest Island with friends on the Christmas, New Year break. I had tried for a solid year to get a job in HR but no-one would hire me. That year my sons had given me a jewellery making kit for Xmas.

So on the back of that boat, I decided to give it a go and made my first pair of earrings.  And then instantly wondered if I could make any money out of it?

On my return home I created a sample fashion jewellery range and started cold calling gift shops and fashion boutiques in Perth.  

Using a phone script and a bit of persistence, in that first month I got my first fashion jewellery range into about 8 – 10 shops in Perth. 

After about six months, I thought there has got to be an easier way to do this?

So I started out on the Internet with my first website, made from template software.  Back then it was pretty clunky and not easy to edit.  

The website did not do much in the first year and then I came into a little bit of money. I invested it back into my business, building a professional looking website that catered for both retail and wholesale trade.

I learned everything I could about online marketing and the Internet, and how to get good search engine rankings.  How to import and export goods, business branding, building a global customer base and product innovation. 

The Power of Self-Belief

Over four years of being self-taught, I build that business from 10 local retailers to 795 Retailers worldwide selling my fashion jewellery and bead products, and 3000 direct customers.

One of the most important things as an Entrepreneur is knowing how to market yourself and your products.

Figuring out how to diversify and expand your territory, automate processes as much as possible and being innovative. 

Be open to learning and be willing to experiment.

There is this transition period from taking a simple idea and running with it, to turning it into a scalable, profitable business model with a strong foundation.

As an Entrepreneur, you have to have a strong sense of self-belief and self-worth or you’ll never get started.

A lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes in creating a successful business is you working in your business and believing in yourself.  Because often the only one supporting you in those early stages, is you!

Some of your biggest naysayers can be the people closest to you, which can be deeply hurtful.  

So you have to be strong within yourself, confident and courageous.  And really believe in yourself because you never know how far you can go!

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