Successful Entrepreneurs Visualize & Plan for Success

Successful Entrepreneurs Visualize & Plan for Success - Blog Post by Rose Burnett

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Creating a Vision

Most successful entrepreneurs are visionaries.  They have mastered the art of future pacing and visualising an idea in the mind’s eye. Knowing where they want to get to and clearly visualising all the steps in-between.

Whenever we have an Idea we want to run with, we need a starting point.  An actionable plan of Goals and tasks to create structure and planning around our ideas. 

Otherwise we run the risk of getting stuck in states of procrastination and feelings of overwhelm. Particularly if you have some lofty goals you want to achieve!

Writing Your Goal List

Whenever we write a Goal List, we are committing to bringing our ideas to life in the real world.

I use a whiteboard for my goal list, making sure it’s in easy view every day.  This handy tool is an easy way to change, update and review your goals regularly.

You can add any goals you like to your Whiteboard.  For example, I break my goals up into Personal Goals and Business Goals.  Personal Goals can include health and fitness goals, relationship goals, financial goals and anything else that is important to you.  

Under Business Goals, I add my main goals or projects that I want to start working on. I then break those goals down further into steps or tasks to complete in the next 1 – 3 months.

I regularly review my goals every couple of months to see if they still feel relevant to my path.  I may add new goals, tweak existing goals or delete any that don’t make sense for me to continue with.

I also make a point of crossing off those goals I have completed, which is a great way to recognise your progress and achievements.  

You may also want to work from a daily or weekly task list, if you need to be more disciplined.  There are also a variety of scheduling tools that can help you stay on track, particularly with managing your calendar and time.

Using a Vision Board

If you are struggling to get clarity or focus on your goals, then creating a Vision Board can be very helpful. You can use it to seek clarity on all aspects of your life.

You can create a Vision  Board out of cardboard, use a cork board with pins, or even a magnetic whiteboard.  The idea is to cut pictures out of magazines or source them online, and create a visual collage of your life goals over a period of 1 – 5 years. Then revisit your Vision Board regularly to check on your progress.

You may also wish to create a Goals and Task list from your Vision Board. 

A Vision Board helps set goals in your mindset and can work on a sub-conscious level for goal achievement.


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