Why Everything You Thought About Dieting is Wrong!

Why Everything You thought About Dieting is Wrong by Rose Burnett

Ever struggled to lose weight or put off by how hard it is?

Rose Burnett, Founder of Drop4 Diet, Total Body Sculpting Workout and Mind Body Soul Balance program busts the 5 Most Common Myths about losing weight.

Rose shares her personal story on weight loss and how it easy it can be when you know how.

And how when you figure this stuff out…the impossible becomes possible!!!

Why Everything You Thought About Dieting is Wrong by Rose Burnett | Play Time: 25:47

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Rose personally lost 29 kilos and 4 Dress Sizes on the Drop4 Diet by changing just 4 simple things.

For best results it is recommended to do all 3 programs to lose weight, tone and sculpt your body and overcome emotional eating once and for all.

Drop4 Diet - Low Carb High Fat Diet by Rose Burnett

Click here to learn more about the Food Science behind the Drop4 Diet.


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